Exerpt From Railroad Days


“I can hear yet the mid-night whistle of the train as it went through North Brookfield…”  Mary Raffauf Lillie


          There are few wonders in the world of transportation capturing the imagination more than the steam locomotive projecting its lonesome sound of the whistle and the unique engine noises as it traveled through the valleys, over the plains, hills, and mountains of America.  A wide variety of models and sizes hauled the passenger and freight trains in the 19th century and over 50 years of the 20th century.


The wheel arrangements of a steam locomotive (2-6-2, 4-4-0, or 4-8-8-4 types), for example, is explained as follows: The first figure of the arrangement refers to the number of leading wheels, the last is the number of trailing wheels and the middle figures (or numbers) give the number and arrangement of the drivers.

Throughout the years of the DL&W, a variety of steam locomotives were in operation.  During the early years the 4-4-0 type was most commonly used



















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