The Star in the Window is a unique collection of memoirs from World War II veterans who lived in Waterville and central New York.  For several years, Louis C. Langone personally interviewed and listened to over 100 men and women telling their wartime stories from bombing missions over Europe to the “island-hopping” campaigns of the Pacific, or the suffering of prisoners of war.    The stories are supplemented with material from books, periodicals, the World Wide Web, press releases, unit histories, and letters providing an interesting mix of memories and World War II facts.  Several community honor rolls are also included.  Most of the veterans documented are from a rural area and grew up during the Depression possessing a strong work ethic.  They are representative of those who answer the ‘call to duty’ with a mission to defend our nation’s ideals and freedom. 

    This book will preserve very special World War II memories, teach the reader about WW II, and improve awareness of the hardships endured and sacrifices made by these brave veterans of the central New York area.  It provides an opportunity to experience WW II history through the eyes and ears of veterans from various military branches of service revealing shocking and obscure incidents of the War.






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